The Paradise Ranch

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My Obsession Grows

    Area 51 and the mythology surrounding it has indeed become an obsession of mine.  I have always been interested in Area 51.  I can remember lying in bed listening to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM discussing Area 51 with several memorable guests.  I absolutely loved the guy who flew his homemade plane into Area 51, the former worker who was on the run and being chased by our government, or the man named "Victor" who smuggled out a video of an alien being interrogated at Area 51.

     What is Area 51?  Is Area 51 a secret government base where crashed or captured alien crafts have been taken to be reversed engineered, or is it a place where the Illuminati or New World Order is conducting activities?  To me those tales are all an invaluable part of the puzzle that is Area 51.  It is this mythology that is interwoven with the reality of the Black Projects developed and tested there that make this part of the Nevada Desert so fascinating.

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 The Journey Continues

    The journey to discover what really exists beyond the warning signs on Groom Lake Road was my initial quest.  Very early in this quest, I realized what really goes on at Area 51 is of very little consequence when measured with my initial beliefs.  My continued struggle to learn how to accept the reality of what actually goes on at area 51 and dismissing the incredible folklore that swirls around the dust from Groom Lake Road, or the legends that lurk around the Joshua Trees near the "Black Mailbox", or the myths that dart around the airspace above the Paradise Ranch is where the importance of my quest lays!