The Paradise Ranch

The Paradise Ranch Area 51 Tours

"The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." -Carl Sagan

     This site was created as a way for people visiting Las Vegas to, at a relatively cheap rate, explore Area 51. The tours I can offer are unlike any others. We are not a professional tour company. We treat everybody like friends heading out for an adventure. I personally enjoy driving out to Groom Lake Road, visiting the "Black Mailbox" and eating an Alien Burger from the Little A Le Inn. I would like to share this experience with others.

The Paradise Ranch Area 51 Tour Information

The Paradise Ranch Area 51 Tour is the all encompassing Area 51 experience. We will stop and see all the sites on this tour. The first step will be arranging pick up and drop off at any hotel or location of your choice. The tours usually last between six and ten hours. The length of the tour depends on how long you choose to stay at each of the stops.

*The Tour cost $150 per person

*I can take one to 4 persons per tour

*I accept cash the day of the tour or you may safely pay using a PayPal link on the tour information page

Visit the tour page for more detailed information about the stops and see the photos of tour stops on our Photo Page.

For regular updates regarding Area 51 and the Nellis Range, please visit our blog:

   Destination Area 51

 Wanna take a ride?   Watch the video below of photos from a Paradise Ranch tour!